Are you ready to Super Charge your confidence, learn self defense and blow torch body fat without ever having to count calories or DIET?

From elite fitness to cutting edge martial arts, we have what you need to shred fat, tone muscle and give you the ability to kick butt in life and on the street!

Hammonton New Jerseys #1 destination for Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing instruction. PLUS!! Kids MMA and Fitness, Combat Conditioning and Fitness Bootcamp classes that will accelerate your metabolism and have you seeing results faster than you ever thought possible!

Absolutely no martial arts experience is needed. We offer up to a 45 day introductory and beginner class on every program offered at Razors Edge. Our instructors are some of the most accomplished competitors and coaches on the east coast! But please don’t think you have to compete to train with us. Over 85% of our student base are hobbyists.

Thats right! Training for fun, and learning the most effective, battle proven self defense systems in a safe, friendly, and egoless environment.

No level of fitness is required to begin. If you have any fitness goals you will surely achieve them at Razors Edge. We offer group conditioning classes and fitness bootcamp programs, as well as private one on one personal training sessions. All of our fitness trainers are certified through the IFPA and have years of experience in both group and one on one settings.

The key to your success is enjoying the process, not just the end results. Unlike repetitive routines such as lifting weights, running on a treadmill, pedaling a stationary bike or taking the same aerobics class over and over again, you’ll actually acquire useful self defense skills and learn something new every time you step on the mats. It’s both rewarding and challenging. The staff at Razors Edge will always help you set and accomplish new goals. You’ll see your skills improve as you build muscle and burn body fat.

Every program offered at Razors Edge MMA is a total body workout. You’ll sculpt your arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs, abs and glutes. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how quickly your stamina improves and your body changes. The training at Razors Edge will encourage a healthy lifestyle that could help you to enjoy a longer, happier life.

You owe it to yourself. You’ve made it this far, now its time to make your move. Lets get you started! No more second guessing yourself or excuse making. You have goals to achieve and we have a team of friends and family that want to help you achieve your goals. 

Call us today at (609) 561-3612 and set up your FREE introductory lesson.

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