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South Jersey Submission Wrestling | Catch Wrestling | No Gi BJJ

Back with another slick submission series from none other than Combat Submission Wrestling's Eric Paulson! This smash series begins from side control, a favorite position throughout the entire grappling community. These attacks are based primarily off of the Catch Wrestling system but can be effectively used to submit opponents in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and [...]

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Combat Athlete | BJJ | Judo | Daddis Fight Camps NJ | Razors Edge MMA

Quick reminder everyone! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Combat Athlete Class will be held tomorrow the Daddis Mixed Martial arts Cherry Hill New Jersey location. Class starts at noon and will be led by Coach Dan Bocelli. Anyone that knows Coach Dan knows his classes are high energy, fast paced and loaded with high flying Judo throws. [...]

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Razors Edge MMA | South Jersey BJJ School | Armbar to Choke

Back again with a super awesome chain of submissions from closed guard. BJJ Athlete and close friend of ours Dennis Pressey Jr. walks us through the perfect arm bar setup from a cross collar choke attempt, but he doesn't stop there! Dennis goes directly into two lapel choke options incase you're opponent escapes the arm [...]

2014-10-11T23:12:06-04:00August 24th, 2013|

Razors Edge MMA | New Jersey BJJ | Daddis Fight Camps News

Wilson Reis makes it to the Ultimate Fighting Championship! After almost 7 years on the pro MMA circuit and compiling an impressive record of 17-4, Wilson is set to make his debut in the UFC. Wilson is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jistu under Roberto Godoi and is also well known for his explosive [...]

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New Jersey Judo | Razors Edge MMA | Sumi Gaeshi

Here is a great video showing various options of the Judo technique Sumi Gaeshi. Similar to Tomoe Nage but instead of placing the bottom of your foot on your opponents hip flexor, you will place your instep on their inner thigh. Be sure to maintain grips all the way through enabling you to use your [...]

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New Jersey Judo Club | Razors Edge MMA | What is Judo?

Judo is a Japanese word meaning "gentle way," and is a type of martial art that comes from the ancient Japanese martial art of jujitsu, meaning "yielding way." In 1882, Dr. Jigoro Kano, president of Tokyo's University of Education, incorporated what he thought to be the best jujitsu techniques into what is now the sport of judo. It [...]

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Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts | New Jersey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instruction

Hello everyone! If you are looking to add additional technique to your game be sure to stop by  Lapel Choke is jam packed with instructional videos, tournament schedules and BJJ competitor bio's, as well as an online store that offers gi patches, t-shirts, rash guards and stickers. Get your extracurricular study on at and [...]

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