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Hammonton New Jersey Muay Thai Kickboxing | Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness

Back with another great video from my good friend and Daddis Mixed Martial Arts own Anthony Williams. This instructional is perfect for everyone from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Here's the breakdown: In order to have an effective offense you need to have an effective defense. Blocking punches properly can be the difference between winning [...]

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South Jersey BJJ classes | Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center

Many people believe that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu might not be for them, as they lack the youth, athleticism, physical strength and endurance, or time to pursue it effectively. But these people are misinformed. With a little investigation and some perseverance, they would soon discover that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for everyone. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors [...]

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New Jersey Judo Club | Razors Edge MMA | All for the love of Judo

Recently the goodfight interviewed my Judo instructor, David Osaghae. Please take a moment to check it out. Professor David is the perfect example of how unstoppable ambition and dedication can take you from poverty in Nigeria to an accomplished Martial Arts school owner in the United States. All for the love of Judo! Interview with [...]

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Razors Edge MMA | Hammonton NJ Judo School | The Uchi Mata

The Uchi Mata! Also known as the throw of the kings. Check out this clip from History channel's Human Weapon. Each episode usually consisted of a brief introduction regarding the featured martial art, including footage of established fighters sparring. The hosts would then travel to various locations, learning several strikes, blocks, or other techniques valuable to [...]

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