Well into another action packed week at Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts in Hammonton, NJ!! We have a lot of events coming up starting with Coach Joel Bane, co-founder of Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling joining us on Monday night for our regularly scheduled Submission Wrestling class. Followed by BJJ legend, Master Roberto Godoi on Thursday, February 4th and NAGA Philadelphia on February 6th. Much more to come. I will post more in detail as we approach each event.

Be sure to head over to The Strikers Lab and give the page a follow. Also follow the links to their YouTube page and subscribe. The Strikers Lab, formerly Muay Thai Movement, is loaded with tons of tips and information to improve your stand up game, including motivational, highlight and instructional videos. The Strikers Lab is the product of my great friend and long time Daddis Fight Camps Coach, Anthony Williams. He truly is a stand up technician!

I look forward to seeing everyone on the mats!!
~Coach Dan

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