This is Grace Cassaday. She’s the face of Razors Edge MMA. She’s why we do what we do. Her and children like her. She visits us almost daily, her parents Dan and Christine are a major part of the backbone that stabilizes Razors Edge MMA. Grace works out with us, watches us, listens to us. Our goal is to instill strength, will power, courage and unrelenting determination. She watches competitors lose and return to dominate. She watches students get injured and return to training. She watches us push to failure on the mats and refuse to quit. She listens to our conversations about teamwork, commitment and discipline. Grace will be a force to be reckoned with for anyone or anything standing in her way as an adult. She’s 4 years old; and while it may not be important to her at the moment, she has an Army standing behind her. While this may sound strange to some, Razors Edge MMA is a pack, I am the pack leader, we are our own community. Grace is the youngest member of our pack. She is untouchable. She will eventually be an Alpha. We lead by example.

~Coach Dan
Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts

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