The Benefits of Boxing – Improving Personal Fitness

The Benefits of Boxing - Improving Personal Fitness The emphasis on improving personal fitness has increased steadily over the past decade. It’s a known fact that exercise not only improves physical health but mental health too. It’s no secret though, different workouts have different outcomes - especially those of varying intensities. When it comes to [...]

2020-10-20T12:38:50-04:00October 22nd, 2020|

Boxing and Kickboxing – What Are The Main Differences?

Boxing and kickboxing are both fighting styles that improve fitness and self-defense. Though these sports are related, they are very different.  Boxing originated in Greece as a result of the Olympic games in 688 B.C. Kickboxing came from Japan and developed from the ancient art of Muay Thai.  The differences between boxing and kickboxing go [...]

2020-08-26T12:54:06-04:00August 27th, 2020|
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