Words from my good friend and training partner Jackson Galka.. Enjoy!


If you want to be a fighter, let’s establish a few things (I mean this in a light-hearted way, but it’s still all true):

1. You will have to diet, a lot. Not just a little. A lot. It will govern every food decision you make.

2. You will be tired, sore, and some days it will take everything in your power just to get out of bed.

3. Training will become a full-time job. In addition to your full-time job. You will work two full-time jobs.

4. Most days you will feel like you suck. You may get 1-2 awesome training sessions in a week, but for the most part you will barely grind them out.

5. There is a TON of paperwork you need to get done, and get it done on TIME. If you screw this up, you make your team look like a bunch of amateurs. Conduct yourself like an adult and get your paperwork done.

6. You represent your team in every action you take. Didn’t make weight? We look bad. Didn’t get your paperwork in on time? We all look bad. Fight like shit? We all look bad. Not just your instructors, or the gym you pay dues to, but also the people you train with. We all look bad.

7You will fight how you train. If you look for shortcuts in training, you will look for shortcuts in fights. Most of these shortcuts involve getting your ass kicked and forcing an adult (the referee) to stop the other grown man from whooping your ass too bad. It’s embarrassing. Don’t do it. You won’t get sympathy from anybody so don’t even ask.

8. Complaining and excuses are worthless, they are wastes of time. Train, get your shit together, and deal with whatever is on your plate. Your problems are not your trainer’s problems, or your teammate’s problems. They are your problems. Act like an adult.

9. Losing sleep is not an excuse not to train. In fact, there really isn’t an excuse not to train. Can’t make it to the gym? Run. Hand busted up from sparring? Run. Can’t run? Can’t shadowbox? Can’t do pushups? Blink as hard as you can with intensity. Find a way. Do SOMETHING.

10. You will have to diet, a lot. This has to be said twice. It sucks. And it’s your problem, and your problem alone.

11. If something hurts, you’re either injured, or you can train. Choose. Complaining doesn’t help.

12. Practice sucks. It’s not always going to be sparring or rolling. Get your reps in, and drill your ass off.

13. It is YOUR responsibility to be in shape.

14. Your trainers will not be there for every bag round, for every sparring round, for every step you take on your runs. Take responsibility for yourself and get your work done. Nobody else will, or can, do it for you.

15. Fighting is a team sport. Be there for other people, and they will be there for you.

16. Rep your gym as hard as you can. Oh, a sponsor gave you a free t-shirt? Who cares.. Until that sponsor either gives you cash, or comes in to your training sessions and lets you punch them in the face, then rep your team first.

17. Don’t burn bridges. The fight world is a small community and karma bounces back real quick.

18. If your trainer says work on your grappling, take the gloves off, and put on a gi 

19. If your trainer says work on your striking, take off the gi, put on your gloves, and get it done.

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