In this video coach Anthony demonstrates how to throw a Muay Thai spinning elbow. This can be a very deceptive and dangerous technique. Keep in mind, anytime you choose to put your back towards your opponent, you are taking a risk. Key points to remember:

1. You will step across with your left foot at a 45 degree angle. This step will be used to close the distance of the elbow.

2. Your left hand will remain up at your head for protection as you use your core to twist and execute your strike.

3. Your elbow will come downwards at an angle into your target. Your weight should be on your left leg as you USE YOUR RIGHT LEG TO help EXPLODE.

4. DO NOT throw all of your weight back, you will fall off balance! Both feet should be on the ground the whole time!

Check it out.. Drill it.. Add it to your game!
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