Pretty stoked for this weekend’s In-House BJJ tournament in Cherry Hill!  I’ll be breaking down the special weekend schedule, as well as the 411 on the tournament itself.

We’ve had a CRAZY 3 weeks here at Daddis MMA. We kicked it off with four combat sports events featuring ten of our fighters, and amassed an impressive 8-2 overall record including two KO wins, one championship belt, one submission win, and two Professional victories at Bellator Fighting Championships! If you were unable to attend hopefully you were able to catch the fights on Spike TV. Daddis MMA’s Dan Matala and Anthony “Cheeseteak” Morrison pulled off impressive victories over their opponents. 

And then this past week was our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu testing week, with tons of rank promotions! Overall a huge month for everyone at Daddis Fight Camps and Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts!


BJJ In-House Tournament is THIS SATURDAY @ Daddis MMA Cherry Hill

Weigh-ins/registration: 8:30am – 9:30am

Rules meeting 9:45am

First match: 10:10am

Order of divisions:

Kids gi, kids no-gi

Womens gi, women’s no-gi

Men’s purple, men’s blue, men’s white (gi)

Men’s advanced, men’s intermediate, men’s beginner (no-gi)

The tournament will feature both Gi and No-Gi divisions for men, women, and kids.  The cost to register is $30 for one division, $40 for both (CAP and BBC members receive a $5 discount).

Kids age divisions and female experience divisions will be generated that day based on turnout.

Adult men’s divisions will feature three experience levels:

Beginner (6 months and under, no wrestlers)

Intermediate (6-18 months)

Advanced (18+ months)

All weight classes will be generated using the “Madison System” that day.

These in-house tournaments are a BLAST to participate in and are perfect for any age, weight, and experience level.  Join us this Saturday for a day of great competition!

Coach Dan