A very common question I get during class is which Judo throws are best for Brazlian Jiu Jitsu? So Im going to go into my 3 personal favorite in no particular order. These takedowns are low risk and can be performed in both gi and no gi scenarios. When performed properly you will always, without a doubt end up with side control on your opponent. 

1. The Seoi Nage (Drop Ippon Variation)

This super explosive takedown only requires 1 grip, preferably your opponents sleeve high on the triceps. In a Nogi scenario you would grab your opponents triceps in a collar tie situation, palm up, thumb facing away from your opponent. Some people prefer the lapel but i prefer to control my opponents arm on the way down. This opens the door for submissions upon landing. Also be sure to drop to both knees! I’ve watched students drop to one knee and lose balance as their opponent clears their back than end up on their back, than it becomes a match of who can get up faster. Bad news! Upon completion of the throw make sure both shoulders are shrugged and you are pulling your opponents arm close into your chest. Move directly into side control or take advantage of the exposed arm and catch the arm bar. 

2. The Tai Otoshi (Standard Version)

Starting with a sleeve and lapel grip, or a power grip which is your strong hand high over your opponents shoulder onto their back. In a NoGi scenerio you would control your opponents tricep and neck from collar tie. The Tai Otoshi’s set up and entrance is similar to the Judo Seoi Nage. The only difference is after replacing your opponents hips with yours you are now going to step your sleeve grip foot out to the side and pull your opponent over, causing him to lose balance and trip over your leg. Continue to hold onto the sleeve and lapel for side control, or sleeve and power grip for Kesa Gatame or scarf hold.

3. Sasai Tsuri Komi Ashi (Standard Version) 

Starting with sleeve and lapel grip the Sasai is part of the Ashi Waza or foot sweep group. During NoGi you would set this up from standard collar tie grips. As you and your opponent are moving in a push/pull situation simply pull their sleeve into chest while twisting your body, this will cause them to step forward. Before your opponents foot reaches the ground your same side foot is there to block and sweep it causing them to trip and fall. Once again be sure to maintain your grips and follow your opponent to the ground for side control. In some situations depending on the force of the foot sweep your opponent will spin in the air and you will end up with north/south position.

These are my 3 favorite Judo techniques for BJJ. They are sneaky, explosive and low risk, giving you immediate control of your opponent. I don’t recommend and Makikomi variations or the “over the shoulder” variation of the Osoto Gari. These techniques will leave your back wide open upon landing. Even when applied with speed and 100% correct any skilled opponent will identify the opening and take your back. Do I practice these throws in Judo? Yes, all the time. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.. No. 
So there it is everyone! These are 3 of the many Judo throws I like to cover during BJJ class.
Till next time,
Coach Dan / Razors Edge MMA