Back with another great video from my good friend and Daddis Mixed Martial Arts own Anthony Williams. This instructional is perfect for everyone from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Here’s the breakdown:

In order to have an effective offense you need to have an effective defense. Blocking punches properly can be the difference between winning and losing. Key points to remember:

1. When blocking straight punches, keep your gloves pressed up against your forehead. Your elbows should be tucked in tight and not flared outwards.

2. When blocking hook punches, your hand should reach all the way to the back of your head and your forearm should remain pressed against the side of your head.

3. Your chin should be tucked and your eyes should remain on your opponent.

4. DO NOT cover your eyes or turn away from your opponent!

5. DO NOT meet your opponents punches! If they miss, that is better for you!

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