Develop knockout power like Mike Tyson. Stick and move like Muhammad Ali. Get super fit like a pro boxer preparing for a fight. Do it all with out having to get a bloody nose or black eye!

In recent years, boxing for fitness has become very popular. Boxing classes are not only for competitive boxers any more. It is a great workout and it can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle in and out of the gym.

You’ve heard stories of criminals picking the wrong old man to mug. The fight typically ends with one swing. That’s all a boxer needs. Boxers throw punches faster, harder and more accurately than any other trained fighter on the planet.

Boxers also toughen their bodies and strengthen their muscles for endurance and durability. A boxer’s #1 motto, “Always protect yourself”. The hands stay on both sides of the head, the posture crouched so that the whole body is ready for explosive power, and the front of the torso is protected by the forearms.

Razors Edge Boxing classes will whip you into phenomenal shape while you learn valuable skills. You’ll wrap your hands, jump rope, stretch, do footwork drills, shadow box, work the heavy bag and the the focus pads, but most importantly you will learn how to put devastating punch combinations together with defensive movements just like a professional boxer.

You will build strength, speed, flexibility and confidence, along with lightning fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Boxing is for anyone looking for a fun way to get fit while developing the skills you need to effectively defend yourself. Razors Edge offers a safe, clean and friendly environment to work toward your fitness goals in boxing. Our instructors care about your progress and will give you the individual attention you need to improve mentally and physically. You will not feel intimidated like you would when walking into most boxing gyms. 

Positive results await you, not to mention the energy and fun that’s involved in each class. Stop second guessing yourself. Make a move toward your goals. Give us a call or stop in today!