At Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts we don’t believe in just teaching Self Defense. We work to help build up your childs confidence, self esteem, focus and drive. Creating a TOTAL bully proof package!

In a fun, safe environment free of egos, we teach children how to protect themselves in the face of danger using effective Self Defense techniques.

Razors Edge MMA instructors incorporate core martial arts values, including respect, focus, discipline, teamwork, and integrity into each lesson.

Our Kids Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness program promotes a healthy lifestyle, providing an alternative to television and video games. We increase children’s endurance as well as strengthen muscles, all while they are having fun and learning valuable life skills that they will carry with them as adults.

A strong sense of camaraderie is paramount to us. This provides a sense of continuity to our students, who can rely on their instructors to be there for them day in and day out.

Parents can expect improved grades, stronger confidence, increased pride and a razor sharp focus, a quality largely absent in many kids today. By enrolling your child into the Razors Edge kids program, you’ll be helping them prepare for the challenges they’ll face for the rest of their lives. 

Prices are affordable but enrollment is limited so give us a call and register your child today!