Not sure if you remember back in 1999/2000, there was a bunch of cool and obscure advertising for this movie called “The Matrix.”

“What is The Matrix?” was the tagline.. and I couldn’t wait to see it.

Nearly 15 years later, and The Matrix has become part of the shared cultural experience here in the US (a cyber-goth-punk Keanu saying “Woah.. I know Kung Fu” always rings in my head when I think of that movie).

So, what does that have to do with Mixed Martial Arts?

At Razors Edge MMA and Daddis Fight Camps, sometimes we jokingly reflect on our performances in fights or in practice as feeling like we’re Neo “in the matrix.”  Dodging bullets, seeing things before they happen, and overall just having superhuman abilities.

With diligent practice, you achieve that flow state–a sort of Zen “no-mindness,” often referred to as Mushin (shortened from Mushin No Shin, literally “mind without mind”).

As such, we can take all the conscious thought out of the fighting movements and reactions, and instead direct that mental energy towards strategy, and thinking a few steps ahead, almost “seeing into the future.”

I have experienced this “Mushin” before and it is an amazing feeling!

I bring this up because one of our students made his professional debut on one of the largest MMA stages in the world, Bellator Fighting Championships, this past Friday night in Atlantic City.

My good friend and training partner Dan Matala joined Daddis MMA a few years ago, and is 100% a product of the fighting and training systems we have created.  He managed to out strike, out hustle, and out-grapple a product of the Gracie system of fighting as well.


So what is the difference between Dan Matala and, say.. You?

He made the decision to get started, and pursue his martial arts and fitness goals.

You can achieve similar success–whether your arena is the National stage of Bellator Fighting Championships, or just juggling a full-time job and your family responsibilities.

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Do not procrastinate–days can turn into weeks, and into months.  Join us “in The Matrix” and take the first step towards achieving your goals.