Congratulations to all of the coaches and competitors at the North American Grappling Championships in Wildwood, NJ. It was a phenomenal day for Daddis Fight Camps and Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts. Every grappling style was on display from Brazilain Jiu Jitsu to Judo to Catch Wrestling. I can go down the list of names and medals but I know my students will agree with me when I say it’s a group effort. Coaches, competitors, students and staff all play a huge roll in everyones journey to the podium. Our motto at Daddis Mixed Martial Arts is “Train Hard / Fight Easy” and that’s exactly what we did.

Between rounds. Discussing strategy with Coach Mike.

Discussing strategy between rounds. NJ Grappling Championships.


A big thank you to NAGA and all of the staff that take the time to put these events together. They are great for the grappling community from learning to networking to just making new friends. Not to mention the fun and excitement it provides competitors, coaches and spectators. Great job everyone!

Now it’s time to refocus on the USA Judo Nationals qualifiers ahead of us! When I’m not on the mats (which is very rare) I usually have my head in the books or I’m studying videos on the internet. I believe everyone has a great deal to offer, from beginners to experts, my eyes and ears are always open and I’m always learning. I enjoy posting some of my favorite videos here for everyone to share. If I post it chances are I’m using it. So keep checking back for my updates and be sure to spread the word. Be safe everyone!

Coach Dan