Razors Edge Kids MMA and Fitness program offers a combination of stand up and ground skills to focus on self defense and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and attitude. This will help your child gain confidence and self esteem PLUS learn to apply that confidence to other challenging areas of their life. Not to mention improving physical fitness levels, overall agility, gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and athletic ability all in a friendly, safe and fun environment!

We design our children’s programs to instill confidence, respect for others and self discipline which are necessary life skills. Our curriculum uses a mix of Brazilian JiuJitsu or BJJ as it is more commonly referred to, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo. We offer a safe learning environment that provides your child with the supervision, instruction, and coaching they need in order to truly learn and enjoy Mixed Martial Arts.

At Razors Edge MMA we teach kids that martial arts is not only about self-defense, but also about building character.

If you’re looking for kids martial arts classes in Hammonton, NJ  there are alot of options to choose from. You have so many different styles and schools to pick from that sometimes the choice can be very hard to make. There are alot of benefits in kids martial arts including self-defense, fitness, discipline and improved confidence. The best thing to do is to start researching the different martial arts to see which one appeals to you and your child the most.