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Daddis Fight Camps and Razors Edge MMA Coach Anthony Williams back at it with another knock out combo! Setting up the superman punch off of the one, two, rear leg kick combo.

The Strikers Lab complete breakdown:

The purpose of the drill is to have your opponent thinking of the rear leg kick which will leave them vulnerable the Superman Punch when they try to defend the rear leg kick.
Key Points To Remember…

Throw a Jab, Cross, Rear Leg Kick combination to make your opponent start expecting this combo.
Then throw a Jab, Cross, Superman Punch combination.
By lifting your leg upward for the Superman Punch, your opponent will be expecting a leg kick which will leave them open to attack.
Keep your guard tight. Chin tucked, opposite hand up!
Try breaking up the rhythm between the Jab-Cross and the Superman Punch.

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~Razors Edge MMA