Received this in mail today. Man!! What an honor it is to be certified and recognized by such a great organization. Thank you to Sensei Patrick Burris and the good people at USA Judo for their guidance throughout this entire process.

Not only is Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts a registered IBJJF/USJJF academy, we are now moving toward becoming a registered USA Judo club as well. This means more opportunities for our school and more importantly our students, especially the young ones in our Kids Martial Arts program.

International Judo student exchange programs, scholarship and grant money toward training and a college education, a chance at the Pan American and World Championships, and the possibility (with extreme dedication) of representing USA Judo in the Olympic Games.

More possibilities, more motivation, more meaning. Don’t sit still and wait for opportunities, get on your grind and create them.


USA Judo Black Belt Dan Bocelli, Hammonton NJ Judo JiuJitsu, South Jersey Judo School