Respect, discipline and constant never ending improvement is our number 1 goal. Safety is our number 1 priority! Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts Rules and Regulations.

1) The safety and welfare of all students is first and foremost!

2) Watches, buckles, necklaces, earrings, jewelry, or any other object, which may cause injury, will not be worn during training.

3) Males must wear protective groin cups when training.

4) Mouth pieces must be individually fitted and worn during full contact sparring.

5) Boxing gloves shall be 12 ounces or more for each member.

6) The purpose of hand wraps is to protect the hands. Learn to wrap your hands properly and wear hand wraps during striking classes.

7) Head gear, shin pads, boxing gloves, mouth piece and groin protection are mandatory during open sparring.

8) Students will not wear contact lenses or glasses during sparring.

9) No sparring or competition style grappling is allowed without the supervision and permission of an instructor.

10) ONLY light contact is permitted during sparring. Hard contact is NOT permitted!

11) No one is allowed to enter the Academy under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

12) Hair shall be worn in such a way as to not interfere with training. 

13) Report all injuries to the instructor immediately.

14) If injured, notify the instructor prior to the start of class.

15) Shoes are NEVER to be worn on the mats.

16) No eating or drinking on the mats.

17) Water bottles are permitted in designated areas at mat side. Other beverages are not allowed on the floor.

18) Finger and toenails are to be kept clean and trimmed to a reasonable length! 

19) Notify a staff member of spills or slippery surfaces so they can be cleaned immediately.

20) Trash will be placed in the proper container. Do NOT leave water bottles and other trash for staff members to clean at the end of the night.

21) Show respect to instructors and other students at all times. Shake hands before and after each drill.

22) New students and guests should always have a partner to work with.

23) Seek to help each other. Be responsible for your safety and that of others.

24) No talking while the instructor is addressing the class.

25) Never talk while lined up. Stand still and pay attention.

26) Arrive to class on time and mentally prepared for class.

27) Always be courteous. Bad tempers or offensive language are not permitted and will NOT be tolerated.

28) If you are late to class, wait for the Instructor to give you permission to join the class. If you need to leave early, get permission to do so.

29) Always treat your fellow students with respect and avoid all horseplay, which disturbs and side tracks fellow students.

30) Keep the floor clear of equipment and other items.

31) Store your personal items and equipment on a shelf or out of the way.

32) Put equipment, weights, etc. away in the proper place after use.

33) Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts is your school. Help to keep it clean and safe.

34) Proper grooming and personal hygiene are mandatory for all members.

35) Do not criticize other martial art styles, systems or schools.

36) Parents are not allowed to coach their children during class. That is the job of the instructor.

37) Proper uniforms must be worn for the appropriate class. If not in uniform you will not be allowed to participate in class.

38) Always show respect to the instructor. Address them by their title.

39) Avoid conflicts and never utilize your Mixed Martial Arts training unless you or a loved one are seriously threatened with bodily harm. Do your absolute best to walk away from potential altercations.

40) Membership at Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts is a privilege not a right. It may be revoked at any time for any reason at the discretion of the management.