The weekend was a huge success for Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts, Daddis Fight Camps and Judo movement! Congratulations to Wilson Reis for winning his UFC debut against a super tough opponent.  

Here is a Wilson Reis vs. Ivan Menjivar play by play…

Round 1: Reis lands an inside leg kick.  Menjivar responds with a kick to the body.  Reis presses forward.  He throws a high kick and Menjivar lands a counter right hand.  They exchange leg kicks.  Menjivar switching stances.  Menjivar delivers a kick to the body.  They clinch and Menjivar lands knees to the body.  They separate.  Menjivar delivers a kick to the body of Reis  Reis answers with a hard outside leg kick.  Reis rushes in and lands a left hand.  Reis changes levels and secures a takedown.  Menjivar active with punches off his back.  Reis lands an elbow.  The round ends.

Round 2: Menjivar opens the second round with a kick to the body.  He continues to switch stances.  Reis misses with a high kick.  Menjivar lands a counter right hand.  Menjivar throws a front kick to the body.  Reis catches the kick and takes Menjivar to the ground.  He stands and delivers kicks to Menjivar’s legs.  Menjivar stands.  Reis stays on him and presses him against the cage.  Reis lands a knee to the body.  Menjivar spins him and moves away.  Menjivar misses with a right hand and Reis drops under and secures a double leg takedown.  Reis lands short shots.  Menjivar doing a good job or controlling Reis’ posture. Menjivar kicks Reis off and stands. He applies the Thai clinch and delivers knees to the body.  Reis frees himself and pushes Menjivar away.  The round ends.

Round 3: Reis lands an inside leg kick followed by one to the outside.  Menjivar responds with an inside leg kick.  Menjivar is now moving forward.  They exchange leg kicks.  Menjivar continues to switch stances and give different looks.  Reis closes the distance and works for a takedown.  They battle for position along the fence.  Reis fights hard for it and gets the takedown.  He has Menjivar mounted.  Reis lands a left hand.  Menjivar hanging on.  Reis moves Menjivar away from the cage.  Reis lands short punches to the body and head.  Menjivar works his way back to half guard and eventually full guard.  Reis peppers Menjivar’s body with left hands.  Reis lands a couple of elbows.  Menjivar fires back from the bottom.  The round ends.

The judges score the fight for Reis by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 29-28.

ALSO a big congratulations goes out to everyone who competed in the USA Judo Hudson Cup tournament. Everyone brought their A game and competition was tough. Judo competitors came from all over the world to compete and their was no lack of hunger to take home the gold. Matches were intense and every one of our students pushed the pace. Congratulations to Marcellus Wooten for placing first in his division. He had some tough matches against some super determined Judo players but managed to pull through and score gold. Also to Daddis Fight Camps own Coach Dan Bocelli for pushing the pace during his matches and winning all three by ippon. Coach Dan put on a phenomenal performance against some super tough opponents landing takedown after takedown and showing excellent ground domination with a series of chokes during his second match. Very exciting and action packed! Needless to say Coach Dan Bocelli brought home the gold. 

Big thanks to everyone that came out and supported the competitors! Team mates, friends and family members.

On to the next!!
Razors Edge Mixed Martial Arts