Here is a great video from none other than Coach Anthony Williams of Daddis Fight Camps and Razors Edge MMA in Hammonton New Jersey! He does a phenomenal job (as always) of explaining the proper way to throw a straight knee strike for maximum effectiveness. Here’s the breakdown! Take a minute to check it out. 

The straight knee or front knee is a common knee strike in Muay Thai, and involves thrusting the front of the knee into the head or body of an opponent. The straight knee is applied from a stand-up position both when the combatants are separated, or when they are clinching. In this particular video I am demonstrating how to throw a straight knee without the clinch. Key points to remember:

1. Stand tall on your support leg.

2. Same side arm as knee should swing downwards.

3. Opposite side arm should come in front of your face for protection.

4. Your toes of the leg you are kneeing with should be pointed!

5. Lean back and push your hips forward! Your knee should come upwards at an angle,
through your opponents stomach and out of between their shoulder blades.